Nexxt Digital Business Cards

Showcase your Business with a Nexxt Digital Business Card

Design your card, Customize your profile and start sharing your digital business card with your customers.

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Customize Your Card

Customize your Digital Business Card with your logo, name or picture. We will help you design your new card at no additional cost.

Build Your Profile

After activating your card, log in and customize your profile with your contact information, picture and more.

Share Your Card

Share your Digital Business Card Profile by asking your customer to tap your card with their phone or scan the QR code with their camera app.

Reach more people with Digital

Digital Business Cards can reach customers in ways that a traditional paper card can not. Your business card link or QR Code can be shared in emails, letters and social media.

Save money VS traditional paper business cards

Custom cards with your personalized profile can be shared unlimited times by tapping or scanning your business card as well as in emails, letters and social media..

Ask For Contact Information From Your Customer

When a customer visits your Digital Business Card Profile, They have the option to send their contact information to you.
Their contact info will be in your dashboard under "Contacts" and you will receive an email with their contact info and a
link to add them to your contacts.

We Are Not "Big Tech"

We Are A Small, Family Business

We are a small, family business. We are not "Big Tech" and buying from us does not fund a third vacation home for some Big Tech CEO. Buying from a small business helps a family pay a mortgage, put food on the table and buy school clothes.


Account Admin Panel

Account Admin panel allows management of your cards for you and your employees. Activate, suspend and manage user profiles.

Profile Editor

Nexxt Card users can add their picture, contact information and update their profile on their phone at any time.